Samsung leak suggests an affordable triple-camera phone may be in your future



It seems like the Galaxy S10 Plus might not be Samsung’s first triple-camera phone.


Purported leaked press images of the Samsung Galaxy A7 for 2018 have been shared by Dutch blog GalaxyClub, and one of the first things you may notice is its three rear-camera setup.


Phones with triple cameras are still pretty rare in 2018. The Huawei P20 Pro has three cameras on the back, and as a result it takes some quality faraway and hi-res shots (see for yourself in the gallery below). And while no current Samsung phone has a triple camera, one has been rumored to be a major feature of next year’s Galaxy S10 Plus.






But these renders suggest the Samsung midrange phone could be the first to boast the premium feature.


Earlier this month, Samsung Mobile president DJ Koh said that the company was looking to bring more cutting-edge features and new technology to Samsung’s midrange phones. Samsung may be doing exactly that with the Galaxy A7, which is re-released with the same name every year. We thought last year’s effort was a strong midrange choice.


Samsung is hosting a Galaxy event on Oct. 11, so perhaps we’ll hear more soon. The company declined to comment.

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